When we look at plants, we hear the wonderful voice of nature. Since we can't climb mountain peaks or sit by the sea all the time to experience the magnificence of nature, we create gardens and bring nature's smile into our homes. Nature also smiles in the WITTEKIND furniture, as they are all a unique upcycling project. With our planters, we are expanding the range and giving plants a new home in the wonderful WITTEKIND style.

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Planters in three versions: 2, 1 and 3 (from left to right)
Bring the smile of nature into your home with the planters from WITTEKIND .
Our WITTEKIND planters are made for a life in and with nature.
Our planters give plants a new home in the wonderful WITTEKIND style.
Whether as a single piece or in set, the wooden flower tubs from WITTEKIND become a central eye-catcher with the right plants.

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