Lounge 2s Sofa

"Hyggelig" is what the Danes call everything that radiates coziness, warmth and a pleasant feeling of happiness. Even though our Lounge 2er Sofa is manufactured in the East Westphalian town of Löhne , it is very close to the Danish way of life. Anyone who takes a seat on this Sofa will immediately feel the relaxing effect of a unique piece of furniture.

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The comfortable Lounge 2er Sofa is a real eye-catcher.
The upholstery colors for our Lounge sofas can be freely selected and combined.
Combine the Lounge 2-seater Sofa with other WITTEKIND Lounge and garden furniture.
Rustic look and infinite coziness: the WITTEKIND Lounge 2er Sofa.

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Lounge 2 Sofa Variants

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