Lounge table (mini)

Small but mighty - the space-saving brother of our larger Lounge tables impresses with its impressive flexibility. Despite its compact size, it comes in the familiar WITTEKIND design and impresses with its enormous versatility. It is 5 cm lower than its larger brothers and is therefore perfect as a side table, e.g. in combination with the Lounge sun lounger.

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The Lounge table (mini) cuts a fine figure on any patio
Optimum storage space on the Lounge table (mini)
Lounge table (mini) - small but powerful!
The Lounge table (mini) also has the distinctive WITTEKIND branding on one side

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Our contribution to a better world

Discover the Lounge table (mini), our smallest table in the ever-growing WITTEKIND range. This piece of furniture embodies our commitment to sustainability and design. Made from carefully selected, weathered spruce wood that once did its duty outdoors, it gets a new, stylish life with us. Each piece is a testament to our dedication: durable, sturdy and easy to care for.

The heart of our upcycling philosophy is in every piece of furniture. No trees had to be cut down to make them. The processing of the wood is our contribution to making the world a better place, piece by piece.

When you choose the Lounge table (mini) from WITTEKIND , you become part of this positive change. You save valuable resources from being wasted and promote sustainable business practices. At the same time, you are supporting the craftsmanship of a manufacturer from East Westphalia and enriching your home with a piece of furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ecologically valuable.

Our relationship with nature is deep and complex. Even if we cannot control its forces, we can still live in harmony with it. The Lounge table (mini) may be small, but it is living proof that small steps can lead to big change. Each table is unique and tells its own story. It invites you to be part of this sustainable journey.

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