Sustainable: used wood
Suitable for outdoor use: Solid and durable
Manufacture: Made in Germany

Lounge Corner sofa

Lie down, put your feet up, do nothing. The new translation for lazing around is: having a good time. Our Lounge corner sofa offers plenty of space for just that. It is a plea for a beautiful and relaxed life.

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The cozy corner sofa from WITTEKIND offers plenty of space for family and friends.
The large Lounge corner sofa with Lounge table and decorative WITTEKIND lanterns.
The rustic Lounge corner sofa is made of weather-resistant spruce wood, ideal for outdoor use.
With the WITTEKIND Lounge furniture, you can create a cozy and elegant relaxation area for your garden or patio.
The large Lounge corner sofa will be the centerpiece of your garden party with family and friends.

Although the list of ingredients always looks the same, every Lounge corner sofa from our company is unique. The traces of previous use can be seen in the wood used. As we only treat and refine it gently, these small traces remain visible and become a quality feature of our upcycling process.

The traces remind us that throwing away should no longer be an option if we want to make our earth a place where we can laze around with a clear conscience.

WITTEKIND manufactures "on demand

All these ingredients come together in our workshop in the East Westphalian town of Löhne . As a rule, all furniture is produced "on demand". In other words, it is only produced when the order is received. This also saves resources and perfectly complements our overall ecological concept.

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Lounge Corner sofa variants

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