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Design large terraces and roof terraces with WITTEKIND

Do you have a large terrace or roof terrace and want to transform this special space into an oasis of relaxation?

At WITTEKIND , we understand the importance of this process and support you with our many years of experience as a furniture manufacturer in the design of luxurious outdoor living spaces.

With our eight phases, your patio design will be a creative and enriching experience.

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Step by step to an exclusive terrace or roof terrace

Designing your perfect patio is a journey that requires creativity, a sense of style and attention to detail. From careful planning and choosing the right patio furniture and materials to seasonal adjustments, we've covered every stage of transforming large patios and roof terraces into dream spaces.

Step by step, you can turn your outdoor area into a retreat that brings joy and well-being into your life, reflects your values and creates space for memories.

  • Budget planning: Set yourself a clear budget for furniture and conversions in order to realize your patio dreams within your budget.
  • DIY or professional: Think about whether you want to do the work yourself or leave it to a professional.
  • Practical considerations: Consider the use of materials and the design of the space in your planning. These factors are decisive for the subsequent design of your outdoor area.
  • Observe building regulations: Find out about local building regulations, especially for roof terraces. These may include requirements for statics, fire protection and accessibility.
  • Consider insurance and liability: Make sure that your insurance also covers a patio conversion to protect you against potential damage and liability issues.

If necessary, seek professional advice to ensure that all regulations are complied with.

Well thought-out planning lays the foundation for a patio that is not only visually impressive, but also impresses with its efficiency and comfort. With these considerations in mind, you can now move on to the next phase of patio design.

The choice of materials and floor coverings plays a decisive role in the atmosphere on large terraces and roof terraces:

  • First-class foundation: natural stone, wood or high-quality tiles are durable and visually appealing.
  • Drainage solutions: Are essential, especially for roof terraces, to ensure effective water drainage.
  • Privacy screen: The use of plants, screens or decorative elements preserves privacy without impairing the view.

WITTEKIND would like to help ensure that your patio remains a place of enjoyment and relaxation all year round. Taking these aspects into account, you have created a good basis for this and can continue with the planning.

Luxurious seating:

  • Comfort and style: Choose outdoor furniture that is comfortable yet stylish to create an inviting atmosphere.
  • Versatility:Lounge furniture and seating landscapes, which are suitable for both relaxed evenings and social events, combine several functions.

Adaptable furnishings:

  • Flexibility: Despite their wind-resistant weight, you can place WITTEKIND pieces of furniture as required with a helping hand and individually rearrange large patios and roof terraces.
  • Modular elements: Offer the possibility of adapting the use of space quickly and efficiently to requirements.

Weather resistance:

  • Durability: Invest in weatherproof materials to maximize the lifespan of your patio furniture.
  • Easy to clean: Use materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Create storage space:

  • Storage boxes: Place suitable boxes under your patio furniture, such as the WITTEKIND garden benches, to keep things tidy while preserving the aesthetics. To fit under our patio benches, a box can be up to 23 centimetres high and 40 centimetres deep.
  • Use hidden corners: You can create storage space by making use of unused corners with bespoke storage solutions. For example, with decorative baskets, planters with a dual function or chic wall shelves.

Your choice of furniture thus becomes an integral part of your patio design. But it's not just about choosing furniture, it's about creating a living space that reflects your personality and at the same time offers a place of peace and enjoyment.

Take a look around our online showroom and discover stylish patio furniture to suit your needs.

Sun protection and weather protection:

  • Effective solutions: Install awnings, awnings or pergolas to protect you and your guests from strong sunlight and rain.
  • High-quality materials: Choose materials that are both UV-resistant and water-repellent.

Susceptibility to wind on roof terraces:

  • Stable constructions: Wind-resistant outdoor furniture and structures ensure safety even in strong gusts. WITTEKIND Patio furniture can withstand the wind up to a certain strength thanks to its solid weight.
  • Protective devices: The use of windbreak glass or other barriers to protect against wind can also help.

Security and privacy:

  • Safety aspects: Railings and fences should be stable and conform to standards.
  • Ensure privacy: Use privacy options such as plant walls or decorative panels.


  • Accessibility: To ensure that your patio is easily accessible for everyone, you can plan it to be barrier-free. This makes it safe and easy to access even with a wheelchair, walking stick or baby carriage.

Sound insulation:

  • Noise reduction: The use of sound-absorbing materials and plants creates a quieter environment.

By incorporating these elements into your patio design, your outdoor area will become a safe haven for relaxation and enjoyment. Because your patio is an investment in your well-being - a space where every moment counts.


  • Atmospheric lighting: Go for a combination of functional and atmospheric lighting such as LED strips, solar lights or atmospheric lanterns.
  • Play of light: The use of indirect light highlights certain areas and creates a warm, inviting ambience.

Art and decoration:

  • Personal touch: Integrate artwork or decorative elements that reflect your personal style.
  • Eye-catching accents: The targeted use of sculptures, wall art or decorative cushions creates an even more individual overall look.

Seasonal decoration:

  • Contemporary design: Adapt the decoration to the seasons to always create a fresh and up-to-date charm.
  • Festive elements: Seasonal decorative elements for special occasions or holidays complete the picture.

Green room dividers:

  • Natural privacy screen: You can use plants as living partitions. They create privacy and increase well-being at the same time with their leafy greenery.
  • Structuring the space: Place larger plants or planters strategically to define different areas.

Easy-care green:

  • Low-maintenance plants: Choose plants that require little care but are still visually appealing, such as succulents or evergreen shrubs.

With these tips, your patio will become a work of art in its own right, offering relaxation and inspiration in equal measure.

Smart home technologies:

  • Intelligent control: Use smart home systems to control lighting, shading and even music to maximize comfort on your patio.
  • Energy efficiency: energy-saving solutions such as LED lighting and solar-powered appliances minimize energy consumption.

Sustainability and environmental awareness:

  • Recycled materials: Choose furniture and decorations made from recycled or sustainably sourced materials.
  • Reduce transportation emissions: Domestic suppliers save CO2 during delivery and the products may even be ready for use on your terrace more quickly.

Irrigation systems:

  • Water-saving solutions: Efficient drip irrigation systems or automated irrigation systems that precisely meet the water requirements of your plants can save an enormous amount of water.

Bird- and wildlife-friendly design:

  • Create a habitat: Elements such as bird baths or insect hotels promote an animal-friendly environment.
  • Natural planting: Native plant species attract native animal species and support the ecosystem.

This makes your patio a pioneer for modern and sustainable outdoor design.

Heat regulation:

  • Flexible solutions: Fire pits for cool evenings ensure that your patio can be used all year round.
  • Shade options: Awnings or large umbrellas for hot summer days create pleasant temperatures.

Catering facilities:

  • Outdoor kitchen: An area with a barbecue, work surfaces and an outdoor bar ensure unforgettable culinary experiences.
  • Practical details: cooling solutions and storage options simplify cooking and serving outdoors.

Child and family friendliness:

  • Safe play areas: Child-friendly zones with safe, soft surfaces and play equipment ensure enthusiasm among the youngest children.
  • Family-oriented design: The needs of all family members should be taken into account, from adequate seating to entertainment options.

Pet-friendly design:

  • Pet safety: Provide a safe and comfortable area for your pets by choosing non-toxic plants and creating protected resting areas.

With these inspirations, your patio will become a true outdoor home with comfort and enjoyment for everyone. It can serve as an exclusive retreat that combines luxury, individuality and style in perfect harmony.

Maintenance and care of furniture and equipment:

  • Regular care: Carry out regular cleaning and maintenance work to ensure the longevity of your patio furniture. Use suitable cleaning agents that are tailored to the respective material.
  • Protection from the weather: If necessary, you can protect your furniture from the weather with covers during the winter months and when it rains.

Seasonal design and customization:

  • Spring and summer: Colorful decorations, plants and comfortable seating create an atmospheric ambience in the warmer seasons.
  • Autumn and winter: Warming elements such as fireplaces, candles, lanterns, fire pillars and cozy blankets create a feel-good atmosphere in winter.

By taking these aspects into account, your patio will become a permanent part of your home all year round, where you can spend countless enjoyable hours.

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