Lounge 3s Sofa

The soft light of the summer night immerses your thoughts in a state of weightlessness. You float above the clouds and see the earth lying beneath you. Your new lounge sofa has become a dream boat that glides gently over the waves.

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The Lounge 3 Sofa is a real eye-catcher for your garden or patio.
The Lounge 3er Sofa is made of robust, weathered spruce wood with individual charm.
The upholstery colors for the Lounge 3-seater Sofa can be individually selected and combined.
Create a cozy seating area with the lounge furniture from WITTEKIND.
The WITTEKIND lounge furniture as well as the corresponding cushions are designed for outdoor use and are completely weatherproof.

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Lounge 3 Sofa Variants

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