Sustainable: used wood
Suitable for outdoor use: Solid and durable
Manufacture: Made in Germany

Lounge furniture

WITTEKIND makes furniture that inspires. They impress with their clear design lines and infinite comfort. When you think of lounge furniture, you think of relaxation, comfort and well-being. This is exactly what our lounge furniture promises and delivers. You can't dream any better under the open sky. Because all our furniture is specially designed for outdoor use.

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Lounge 2er Sofa at the Landpartie Bückeburg

All WITTEKIND lounge furniture is the result of natural upcycling. Used and weathered spruce wood is reused and transformed into radiantly beautiful furniture. Gently treated and refined, the wood retains its natural structure and can be left outdoors all season long.

Our covers provide protection from the elements in the cold and wet months. Even after years of use and with the surface of the wood still weathered, our lounge furniture loses neither its friendly charm nor its inviting coziness.

The Lounge 3er Sofa in combination with the Lounge fire table (long) and matching fuel gas column
The Lounge bunk is becoming increasingly popular, shown here in the premium version

Lounge furniture references

Lounge Furniture in use. Our references show how colorful and diverse Lounge zones can be designed with WITTEKIND furniture. Whether in the private or commercial sector - well-being is welcome everywhere.

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Care for outdoor and Lounge wooden furniture

You'll be amazed at how easy our lounge furniture is to care for. A damp cloth is all you need to make them shine. Please do not use harsh cleaning agents. They will damage the wax-treated surface. Our wooden furniture has small plastic feet so that it does not stand directly in water and absorb moisture. However, they are not affected by a downpour. If you want to slow down the natural ageing process of your garden furniture, place it in a dry place during the wet months. Where this is not possible, our custom-fit covers can help.

Care instructions

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"The ordered fire table and lanterns were delivered yesterday, much earlier than expected (!). Many thanks for the speedy production. The table was put into operation yesterday evening, despite the uninviting weather. The design/look has once again exceeded our expectations!"