Lounge table

A fantastic piece of furniture that is often underestimated. Its simple design belies its impressive versatility in function and form. It often occupies the central place in a room and is a symbol of community and living together. A table is the place where people eat, drink and celebrate. Of course, this also applies to our Lounge table.

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Our Lounge table is the ideal link for your individual WITTEKIND Lounge area.
Stylish design with rustic charm - the WITTEKIND Lounge table .
The square dimensions of the WITTEKIND Lounge table are practical and versatile.
The Lounge table offers enough storage space for cozy hours in the garden.
The WITTEKIND Lounge table is also available as a fire table and creates a cozy campfire atmosphere.

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Lounge table variants

The better world

Our Lounge table is a small part of a large and constantly growing range. WITTEKIND builds furniture from weathered spruce wood. This wood has been used outdoors for years, but is no longer needed for this purpose. So we save it from disposal and give this raw material a new lease of life in the form of stylish outdoor furniture. High-quality, robust, easy-care and durable.

That's how we love our little treasures, whether table, armchair, Sofa or lounger. They are all upcycled products for which not a single tree had to die. Created to make the world a little bit better.

By choosing WITTEKIND furniture, you are contributing to this. You prevent resources from being wasted and more forests from being cut down unnecessarily. You are supporting the work of an East Westphalian manufacturer and creating a feel-good zone in your home made of solid wood furniture, where you can relax and dream with a clear conscience.

We humans cannot tame the forces of nature, but together we can create more balance in our environment. A square lounge table may be a tiny contribution, but it reminds us of the "path of small steps" that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry taught us in his "Little Prince". But that's another story.

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