Lounge Footstool

They carry us, let us dance, jump and explore the world. They tell stories with every step, catch us and are witnesses to our journey through life. Every day they perform at their best, there is no part of the body with more sensory cells and yet we often pay too little attention to them. We are talking about our feet. At WITTEKIND , we have therefore dedicated a separate piece of furniture to these marvels of evolution: the Lounge footstool.

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The WITTEKIND Lounge footstool matches our Lounge sofas and armchairs.
Expand your WITTEKIND Lounge Sofa with the practical and mobile footstool.
Put your feet up and relax - the WITTEKIND footstool.

Ideally, position the stool directly in front of your Lounge armchair so that it reminds you to put your feet up and take a break at any time. This way, the lounge stool from WITTEKIND becomes a memorial and your own personal reminder to do something good for your feet and therefore also for yourself.

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